Hair accessories to adopt at Salad-Dressing for the start of the 2020 school year

Hi girls !

Salad-dressing has prepared, especially for you, a selection of hair accessories to adopt for the start of the 2020 school year.
Surprises, surprises ...

Back to school 2020: your essential hair accessories

Let's start with the IRIS white pearl hair clips. This hair jewelry is our trend of the year. You can wear the barrette either alone (like ear chips) or on each side of the hairstyle (left and right). 
Just slide your lock of hair inside the barrette and it's set! The barrettes adorned with fancy white pearls give a look Chic and Hype at the same time.

We also fall for the satin scrunchies and scarves this year. 

The scrunchie-scarf is an essential accessory for the start of the school year: believe us! 

Easy to wear and put on, this beautiful hair jewelry will not damage your hair. 

The scarf scrunchie is THE multifunctional fashion accessory: on the hair, as a bracelet on the wrist, or even attached to the handles of your handbag… It's up to you!

Have a nice day everyone and take good care of yourself!


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