Velvet hair accessories

Velvet in your hair

Velvet hair accessories: absolute well-being, at last!

Velvet is THE great classic of hair accessories. Both chic, distinguished and elegant, these magnificent hair accessories such as the scrunchie or the velvet headband are suitable for women but also for young girls.
Today, let's take a look at the velvet scrunchies that are very popular this winter. Why such an interest ? 

It is an accessory that adapts to all hairstyle desires. For example: the ponytail, the snail bun or the half-tail. With its soft material, this magnificent hair accessory does not damage your hair and maintains it perfectly all day long. The velvet scrunchie is suitable for all hair types: long, short and mid-length hair.

Velvet headbands are very popular today. And that's normal: the headband is the hair accessory to adopt for your dressing room. Very easy to put on with its soft fabric, velvet headbands do not damage the hair and above all do not tighten the ears, you will no longer have that uncomfortable feeling of having your head or ears clamped in a vice. The headbands are soft, very soft, finally a well-being accessory for your ears and your hair.

How to wear your headband?

The first step is to prepare your hairstyle: just brush your hair and then slip your headband. You are ready !

To choose the color of your headband, it all depends on the season. In winter, choose cool colors such as blue, black, burgundy (which is very popular today), red or even gray. 

In summer, your hair will lighten with the sun, so choose warm colors like yellow, green or floral patterns, etc. 

Now it's up to you to choose your headband.

Happy shopping on salad-dressing !

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