Christmas gift ideas for a young girl aged 7 to 10

Who has never asked the question: what gift to give to our pretty little princesses (whatever their age)? 

On the blog of Salad-Dressing we offer seven gift ideas for your princesses from 7 to 10 years old:

Gift idea n ° 1 - A pretty dress,
Gift idea n ° 2 - A beautiful picture book,
Gift idea n ° 3 - A board game for its age,
Gift idea n ° 4 - A costume jewelry,
Gift idea n ° 5 - A pretty pocket watch or bracelet watch, 
Gift idea n ° 6 - A personalized object with a family photo or his birthday or his mascot: t-shirt / sweater, mug, bowl, mug or even a bathrobe with his first name,
Gift idea n ° 7 - A set of signed hair accessories Salad-Dressing.

A set of hair accessories is undoubtedly a wonderful gift and what's more: very trendy at the moment. Your pretty princesses will love it! 

At Salad-Dressing you will find a nice set of barrettes with one or more headbands, a set of scrunchies or an set of accessories for hair already composed by our team Salad-Dressing. 

You can, of course, also compose your own gift bag

All our accessories are delivered with their elegant signed cotton pouches Salad-Dressing, which are the backdrop for your accessories. No need for extra decoration or packaging: your gift is ready to give!

Our little finger tells us that your pretty princesses will keep these pouches for a very long time so as not to damage their hair jewelry or that they will slip their pretty pouches into their small bags. Quiet ! It's a princess secret ...

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