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Summer fashion: hair accessories

Holidays are perfect for changing your look and it's the perfect time to go green and escape to a quiet place. You will surely feel better after updating your wardrobe!

Spring and summer are the best times to try new styles and new products.

What kinds of accessories, besides rubber bands or hair clips, could help you create a new look ?

Here is a selection of hair accessories for the summer:

Barrettes adorned with pearls

hair clips for women

Pearl barrettes are accessible and easy-to-wear fashion accessories. They allow you to change your look with a simple gesture.

Hair clips adorned with pearls are trendy accessories. Pearl barrettes are very popular and useful fashion accessories that can be used in everyone's hair: little girls, young girls and women. The barrettes decorated with pearls are the fashionable accessories to embellish a look simple and modern.

Scarf scrunchies

scarf scrunchie

Most people know that a scarf can be used as a scrunchie. But how many people know how many darlings a scarf can give you? Everyone knows the scrunchie, it's that thing that makes it possible to tie your hair up without using clips or tape.

Wearing a scrunchie-scarf is a trend that cannot be ignored. You can wear it with jeans, a skirt, a suit or even pants. Even if you never wear a scarf scrunchie, this trend will allow you to upgrade your wardrobe.

The hair band

hair band for women

What is your hair style? No doubt, you have a preference, but which one? Do you usually change your hairstyle? The headband can be a great help for all those who want to be sure to have the perfect hairstyle.

The headband is a hairstyle element that can highlight short, long, straight or wavy hair. But it is often used for special occasions...

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