Hairdressing routine with hair accessories

Morning hairstyle routine

Sometimes, some mornings we wake up and we do not know how to style our hair ... Hair accessories are a great help in these moments of morning wandering. A simple scrunchie or hair clip can change your style and approach to the day!
Hair accessories can also replace or accompany your jewelry such as your earrings, your necklace or your bracelet: the scarf scrunchie goes very well as a bracelet or on your handbag and thus always remains within reach ...

Quick and easy hairstyle ideas

Here are three classy and elegant hairstyle ideas that can be done in less than 5 minutes flat!

• Idea # 1: if you have long hair you can make a low bun or a high bun and accessorize your hairstyle with a velvet hair scrunchie or scarf scrunchie.

• Idea n ° 2: if you have short hair you can use a headband or a headband by putting your hair back. Simple and efficient !

• Idea n ° 3: whether you have short or long hair, you can quickly accessorize your hairstyles with crab clips: unclip, position a wick and clip: you're done!

Have a nice day everyone and take good care of yourself


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