Long live the headband!

Published by Claire SD le

Long live the headband!

For the salad-dressing we wanted to change and revisit the headband.

Ridiculous idea you will say to me, but why not? And why not today!

We wanted substance and shine, something to attract the beautiful rays of the summer sun into our hair.

We wanted a "go-anywhere" headband, elegant without compromising on our look. A headband, worthy of a haute-couture show but without being stuffy or too identifiable. We are all unique!

We often agree, Camille and I both in terms of aesthetics and form for the accessories or jewelry that we are looking for, but not this time!

After hard research and constructive criticism (eh) we have finally found it!

The elegance and the raw material of the tweed, adorned with resin beads in small concretions of 6 beads is the most beautiful effect.

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