Child hair accessories

For the Salad-Dressing you will find a wide range of accessories for children's hair: hair barrettes, headbands, scrunchies, hair clips, a tiara, hairpins, headbands, crowns and finally the crab clip for girls.

There is something for all hair lengths: long hair or short hair. In Salad-Dressing you will find your hairdressing accessories for all occasions.Granddaughters love it!

It is the essential accessory to have in her wardrobe for a girl.

To go to school, you can tie your princess' hair in a ponytail or bun using a scrunchie or a satin elastic.
You can also make a braid or two braids and accessorize them with hair jewelry.

For a walk in the park, your little princesses can wear a headband or tie up their beautiful hair with a scarf scrunchie or some rubber bands.

For the holidays: to sublimate the festive hairstyles you can accessorize the hairstyles with a gold hair clip, silver, with sequins or wear a hair band with rhinestones, a ribbon, crystals leaving a fringe in front.

The rebellious locks of your little princesses can be attached with a barrette, a fancy hairpin, a hair clip or any other head jewelry.

For sport you can use a bandana hair accessory with small flowers, or with a floral or liberty pattern.

For the Salad-Dressing all hair accessories are carefully selected by our team and every month you will find a new selection of hair accessories to style and adorn your hairstyles.

The hair accessory for girls can be an excellent gift idea to enhance the hair of your princesses.

You can also find on our shop a hair accessory for any event such as a communion, a wedding or a baptism.