Women's hair accessories

For the Salad-Dressing you will find a wide range of hair accessories.

Here is our selection of women's hair accessories: hair barrettes, elastics, hair clips, hair bands, crab clips, scrunchies, headbands or hairpins. You can complete your hair accessories with other jewelry and fashion accessories to style your hair: curls earrings with white pearls or gemstones, a scarf, hats, bracelets or a brooch. At the house of Salad-dressing you can also find jewelry for hair with which you can accessorize your bridal hairstyles and which will go perfectly with a wedding dress or with a christening outfit.

Here you will find your hair jewelry that will enhance your hairstyles on all occasions. There is something for everyone and for all hair lengths: whether you have long hair or short hair, curly hair or rebellious hair.  
With a beautiful hair jewelry for women you can achieve your different looks: chic, romantic, bohemian, glamorous. 

All hairdressing accessories for women at Salad-Dressing are chosen with the greatest care so that you can wear them everyday or for the holidays: for a wedding you can use crystal, mother-of-pearl or pearl head jewelry and use your other wedding accessories. For celebrations, you can use the lace or satin headband or a headband, a golden bar with rhinestones or sequins, it works very well!

For everyday use, tie up your hair with a scrunchie, a hair scarf or an elastic in a bun or ponytail or even make a braid.

To play sports you can wear a women's bandana, a purple, multicolored or Liberty hair band. Also for sport you can use a hair elastic or tie your locks with a hair clip or opt for another head jewelry from the store.

Please note that all of our hair jewelry can be worn over a wig.