Hair bands

The one size hair band is an accessory for women that can be worn on all occasions and with different looks: Bohemian, Hippie, Glamor, Romantic, Casual.

These fashion accessories like the hair band can be accessorized with other hair accessories for women like barrettes, a turban, hair ties, hair clips or scrunchies.

For the Salad-Dressing you can find hair bands in different colors: golden, floral, multicolored, silver, brown, purple, liberty, fuchsia, with ornaments, turquoise, colorful, with stripes, leopard, khaki, peas, colored, with small -flowers, beige or the very simple and discreet white headband.You also have the choice of materials for our hair headbands: velvet, rhinestones, sequins, ribbon, lace, satin, braided headband, with crystals, in cashmere and always made hand. All of our head jewelry can be worn with a wig.

How to wear the hair band to enhance your hairstyles?

Loosen your hair and slide your hair accessory over your head. You can also leave a fringe in front or a few strands or a single strand in front. The hair band is suitable for all hair types: long hair and short hair.
You can also complete your hairstyles with an elastic or a scrunchie by making a ponytail or tie your hair in a bun.You can also make a braid or several braids by putting a costume jewelry for hair such as a hair clip in butterfly shape, a hair elastic or a scarf tied in your hair.