Children's hair clips and clips

Salad-dressing presents a wide selection of hair clips and barrettes for granddaughters and baby-girls.

These hair accessories will enhance the hairstyles and pretty dresses of your princesses.

There are different colors: pink, purple, polka dots, bronze, liberty, turquoise, beige, fuchsia, silver, gold, brown, multicolored or in mother-of-pearl.

For the Salad-dressing you can also find a barrette or a handmade hair clip, with rhinestones, butterfly-shaped, adorned with pearls, in the form of costume jewelry, in crystal, with a crystal bow tie, in the shape of a satin ribbon , with small sequins, in the shape of a crystal jewel or silver metal.

These hair accessories are ideal for replacing a headband or hair bands and for hanging up a strand of hair. With a hair clip you can tie a rebellious lock of your little princess.

These hair accessories are suitable for all hair types and for all lengths, even for short hair: you can finally tie her flyaways.

With long hair you can use an accessory like a barrette accompanied by a scrunchie by making a ponytail or a bun. These head jewelry can adorn a braid or braids by accessorizing them for example with a black-and-white barrette or a barrette adorned with white pearls.

These hairstyle accessories can be matched with other fashion and hairstyle accessories to accessorize the looks of your pretty little girls such as a tiara, a brooch or a flower crown, a scarf, scrunchies, chignon peaks for girls, hats, a beanie, a hair band, flat clips or hair bands.