Barrettes and hair clips

For the Salad-dressing, there is something for all tastes and for all hair types!

Our current trends are hair clips decorated with pearls.
Hair clips adorned with fancy pearls are real little jewels for hair that go wonderfully with your necklaces and earrings, whatever your age or your style.

For the Salad-dressing we particularly like the JADE barrettes adorned with white pearls, always so easy to put on and wear. They are perfect for all hair types.

We also fall for the IRIS hair clips also adorned with white pearls. Your hairstyle will be sublimated by wearing them!

Hair clips offered by Salad-dressing make it easier to tie your hair on a daily basis. With our hair clips you can create a large number of hairstyles to accompany your everyday style.

For example, with the crab clips you can very easily create an elegant and simple or even original or complex hairstyle, both for everyday life or for a festive event and according to your desires.

You can also use the large crab clips to tie up half or all of your hair. The small crab clips will allow you to attach small strands of hair or short hair.

Do not hesitate any longer: treat yourself to your hair clips adapted to your hair!