Children's scrunchies

The scrunchie or an elastic is a hair accessory that will enhance the hairstyles of your princesses on all occasions.

For the Salad-dressing you will find a wide range of scrunchies for Fall-Winter but also for Spring-Summer.
For the Fall-Winter season, it's nice to wear velvet or satin scrunchies.

For an evening hairstyle, we imagine little girls with scrunchies adorned with pearls or with spiral hair elastics, gold or with crystals.

This kind of hairstyle accessories is suitable for all lengths and all types of hair: long hair, short hair, blond hair, black hair, brown or chestnut.
These head jewelry can be accessorized with other hair accessories like: barrettes, hair clips, headbands, headbands, bandana, hairpins, crab clip, turbans, braided headband or any other hair jewelry.

To play sports, you can tie your daughter's hair in a bun or make two ponytails with a small cotton scrunchie or a hair elastic with small flowery knots.

How to wear the scrunchie when going to school?
In a ponytail, making a braid or two braids, in buns leaving a few strands in front or accompanying it with other hair jewelry: like a headband leaving if you want a fringe in front or again with a hair clip or a white headband.