Scrunchies and elastics

How to wear your favorite?
Scrunchies and hair ties are styling accessories that can be worn on any occasion.
Salad-Dressing offers a wide range of scrunchies and hair elastics for all hair lengths: long hair, mid long hair and short hair as well as for all hair types: colored hair, frizzy, thick hair, fine hair, curly hair or still with a wig.

These hair accessories for women can allow you to have different looks: glamorous, chic, for a romantic evening, casual style, bohemian, for a wedding or for a fashion show.
You can match them with other accessories like bracelets, earrings, hats, beanie, hair band, headbands, brooch, turban, costume jewelry with rhinestones.

How to wear scrunchies and hair elastics for women and which hairstyle to choose?
To enhance your glamorous and chic look, we imagine your hair tied in a bun with a velvet or muslin scrunchie, accompanied by a velvet hair band or satin scarf scrunchie with a ribbon.

For a casual style and for bohemian hairstyles you can tie your hair in a ponytail with a woman's hair elastic adorned with pearls or sequins and complete your look with other hair accessories like bobby pins, clips hair clip, a barrette or several barrettes or even a hair clip.

For a romantic evening, you can choose buns, a braid or several braids and accessorize your hairstyle with a turquoise, liberty, navy blue satin scrunchie with stripes, leopard or lace.

The scrunchie is a hair accessory for women that you can wear in any season Spring-summer as Fall-Winter.
The hairstyle with a woman hair elastic can be completed with a headband leaving a front fringe or a strand, a silver or gold hair clip, a hairpin or a tiara. With this hair accessory you can also tie your hair in a bow tie, if too original as a hairstyle, simply make a discreet bun it will be great!

The scrunchie, like all other hair jewelry, is an essential accessory to keep in your dressing room, your wardrobe, on your wrist or even in your handbag or for some models tied to your handbag or bag backpacks for the more athletic among us or globetrotters.