Hard headbands

How to wear the headband?

The headband is a real head jewel for women which will accessorize and sublimate all your hairstyles and all your looks.

Here are some tips for wearing this beautiful hair accessory for women.
Running out of time to do your hair in the morning? Or before going to work? Or to take the children to school?
In this case, look no further: the headband may be THE solution for you. 

These real hairstyling accessories are available for all occasions, suitable for all hair lengths: short hair or long hair.

If you have long hair, all you need to do is run a brush quickly through your hair before putting your headband on, pulling your hair back. For those with fringe, leave it in front or position it on the side of your choice (left or right) and put your headband as before. To bring a romantic touch you can take out a strand or several strands in front. those who wish, you can also make a low bun with a hair elastic, a scrunchie or tie your hair in a ponytail, make a braid and put on the headband with it.

We recommend the tweed headbands in sober colors or the turban headbands with the velvet bow which will highlight your "working-girl" style. For an outing with girlfriends or for a casual look in the WE, you can wear a headband in floral pattern fabric, lace, multicolored, floral, colorful or liberty with blue jeans and tunic of your choice or a little dress with floral patterns. All accessories from Salad-Dressing can be worn with a wig.

For a romantic evening Salad-dressing offers you handmade satin or velvet headbands that work perfectly with an evening dress or a Chic style. Headbands, in one size, adorned with fancy pearls are our current trend. These head jewels work in winter as in Spring-summer. Handmade beaded headbands work great with styles: Chic, Casual, Glamor, Bohemian, Discreet. This hair accessory can be combined with other hair jewelry and fashion accessories such as: scrunchies, scarf scrunchie, hair elastics, hair clips, a barrette or several barrettes, a crab clip, earrings. gold or silver ears, a brooch with rhinestones or sequins or even with scarves.