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The Complete Guide to Women's Headbands

What is a women's headband and why do you need one?

A headband is a type of hair accessory used to hold hair in place. It can be worn to protect the forehead from perspiration (sports headband) or as a fashion accessory.

How to wear a women's headband?

To wear a women's headband, put it on your head and adjust it to the desired level.

  • Step 1: Place the headband on your head and adjust it to your desired level.
  • Step 2: Place one side of the headband over the other side and slide it over the back of your hair.

Different types of headbands and why you need them?

Headbands are a very popular fashion accessory these days. There are different types of headbands available in the market and it is important to know which type of headband suits your needs.

  • Velvet headband
  • turban headband
  • Braided headband
  • Satin headband
  • Beaded headband
  • Foam headband

What are the benefits of wearing a headband?

Wearing the headband has many advantages because it can be worn in different ways and it is very fashionable. They also come in a wide range of styles and colors so there is something for everyone.

For what occasions to wear a headband?

We recommend them tweed headbands in sober colors or the turban headbands with the velvet bow that will highlight your "working-girl" style. For an outing with girlfriends or for a look casual in WE, you can wear a headband in floral, lace, multicolored, floral, colored or Liberty fabric with blue jeans and tunic of your choice or a little dress with floral patterns. All accessories from Salad-Dressing can be worn with a wig.

For a romantic evening Salad-dressing offers you the headbands handmade in satin or velvet that work perfectly with an evening dress or a Chic style.

Our selection of headbands for you

The headbands, in one size, adorned with fancy beads are our current trend. These head jewels work in winter as in Spring-summer.

The handmade headband adorned with pearls works very well with the styles: Chic, Casual, Glamorous, Bohemian, Discreet.

Le headband can be combined with other hair jewelry and fashion accessories such as: scrunchies, scarf scrunchies, hair elastics, hair clips, a barrette or several barrettes, a crab clip, golden earrings or silver, a brooch with rhinestones or sequins or with scarves.