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Burgundy velvet hair band

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Here is the beautiful hair accessory: the handmade velvet headband in burgundy colors.

The burgundy headband changes the headband a bit and looks more like a turban. Its soft texture is reminiscent of a baby's headband. 

With this head jewelry for women in one size you can sublimate and accessorize all your hairstyles. The burgundy women's hair band is very fashionable this year and you can wear it in any Fall-Winter or Spring-summer season. 

With this hairdressing accessory you will be able to dare look different: casual bohemian glamor. This hair accessory can be combined with other hair jewelry such as a hairpin barrette, hair elastics or a scrunchie.

How to style your hair with velvet headbands if you have short hair?

Put your headband on your hair and accompany it with other accessories for women such as earrings or a gold or silver bracelet or a brooch scarves. You can also pull out bangs in the front if you want.

Tips look short hair

For look glamorous you can wear a satin blouse in burgundy or purple color with classic pants or skirt.

To have a look casual with the burgundy bandeau you can wear brown jeans and a Liberty top. You can hang a little brooch in the shape of a butterfly on your top: it looks so cute.

What hairstyle to adopt with the velvet headband if you have long hair?

Here are some hairstyle ideas.
Untie your hair back and put your headband you can take out a small strand or several strands. You can also tie your hair in a bun or horsetail accompanied by one or more scrunchies or a velvet or fur elastic.
You can also make a braid or several braids and hang one or more small bow tie-shaped barrettes with crystal or rhinestone sequins to adorn your hair.

Tips look long hair

This headband can be worn on all occasions.
For look from Lady boss the velvet headband can be paired with classic dark ladies' pants and a burgundy velvet blouse.
For look romantic you can wear this hair jewelry with a black or burgundy lace or velvet dress accompanied by a satin scarf.

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