Hair clip with white lotus flower with rhinestones and pearls VISHNU


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Salad-Dressing presents the magnificent hair accessory: the VISHNU rhinestone and pearl white lotus flower hair clip. This hair accessory is a real head jewel for women who love to accessorize their hairstyle. VISHNU is perfect for all hair types and all lengths: long hair medium-long hair colored short hair thick or fine hair: this hair accessory will enhance your hair. Hair clips like VISHNU can be worn on all occasions: for a wedding, a romantic evening or for everyday life.
The VISHNU woman hair clip is in one size with its gilded bronze color white pearls fancy crystals and sequins.
The VISHNU barrette for women can be worn with different styles or different looks: bohemian glamor or minimalist style. 
Here are some hairstyling tips for wearing this VISHNU hair jewel: you can tie them in a bun, you can braid a half-tail or a ponytail or even tie flyaways. 
The VISHNU barrette can be combined with other jewelry and fashion and hairstyle accessories such as: a headband hair clips headbands a scrunchie an elastic or rubber bands a butterfly brooch a scarf earrings fancy bracelets. You can play with different colors and materials: crystal silver with purple liberty lace feathers with small satin or gold dots.

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