BARPAPAPA pink bow tie barrette


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Here is the magnificent hairdressing accessory and a real fantasy jewel for your princesses: the BARPAPAPA pink bow tie barrette.
This hair accessory is very comfortable, understated and chic and will perfectly accessorize the looks of your princesses.
Very fashionable this year the pink bow tie barrette for girls BARPAPAPA will sublimate your hair and all your hairstyles. BARPAPAPA can be worn in Autumn-Winter or Spring-Summer.
This pretty hair accessory is very easy to put on and can be worn on almost any occasion. BARPAPAPA is suitable for all hair lengths: long hair and short hair.
These hair jewelry can be accessorized with other hair accessories such as: a scrunchie or several scrunchies to make a ponytail an elastic or hair elastics to make a bun or a braid a hair clip or several clips gold or silver headbands pins a fancy headband a crab clip or an alligator clip to make a banana bun, multicolored mini clips or even a tiara.

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