Noirmoutier shell hair slide / pearl and shell pin SHANA


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Here is a set composed of a golden bar with shells and pearls and a hair clip adorned with a SHANA shell.

These hair accessories will perfectly accessorize the outfits and hairstyles of your little girls. The SHANA set is a real hair jewel that can be combined with other fashion accessories such as: a scarf a butterfly brooch with colored rhinestones or crystals or even with handmade pearl bracelets.

The barrettes and hair clips for girls are in very discreet gold metal. They do not damage the hair and are very easy to put on and wear. They are ideal for long hair or short hair.

These hair jewelry can be used at the same time and on the same side of the hairstyle of your little ladies to release the locks.

SHANA can be worn with other hair accessories such as: a velvet or satin scrunchie to make a ponytail elastics to tie the hair in a bun headbands with a knot a headband a crab clip or clip multicolored crocodile a crown of flowers or a tiara for a guaranteed princess effect!

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