JOANA blue butterfly hair clips for children


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Here is the beautiful set of hair clips with blue butterflies JOANA.These hair accessories will enhance the hairstyles and outfits of your pretty little girls. This hair clip can be attached to release a strand or several flyaways from your princesses. They will love these hair accessories! Beautiful hair accessories like JOANA are suitable for all hair lengths: long hair or short hair. These hair jewelry can be accessorized with other hair accessories such as: a scrunchie or several scrunchies to make a ponytail an elastic or hair elastics to make a bun or a braid a hair clip or several clips gold or silver headbands pins a fancy headband a crab clip or an alligator clip to make a banana bun multicolored mini clips or even a tiara.The blue butterfly barrette can be worn on all occasions: guaranteed effect!

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