Round hair clips MIA with white pearls


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Here is a set of two hair clips adorned with white MIA pearls to enhance your hairstyles.
We completely fall for its pretty shape and fancy white pearls. These beautiful hair clips are very popular lately.
These beautiful white pearl hair accessories are very easy to put on and wear. They do not damage the hair. MIA is perfect for all hair types and lengths: long hair or short hair.
In gold metal the dimensions of each single size hair clip are approximately 5 5 cm long and 3 5 cm wide.
What is the best look for wearing the MIA white pearl hair clips? What is the best hairstyle for wearing MIA hair clips?
These gorgeous hair accessories can replace your headband or headband to loosen up a strand or tie up flyaways. You can put two barrettes at the same time to accessorize your hair or wear a barrette on each side of your hairstyle. These hair jewelry can adorn your wedding hairstyle.
This hair accessory can be combined with other hairdressing accessories such as: scrunchies to tie your hair in a bun or a ponytail elastic with sequins or pearls a crab clip a hair stick hair clips mini-clips or any other hair jewelry.
MIA barrettes for women can be worn with different styles: Bohemian for a romantic glamorous wedding or a minimalist style.
With these hair jewelry, we imagine you wearing blue jeans with a purple or white satin top, a liberty-colored dress accompanied by a scarf or even a small skirt and a lace blouse accompanied by a brooch with rhinestones or crystals golden earrings or another fancy jewel to your taste.

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