BALONIYA green velvet scrunchie

BALONIYA green velvet scrunchie


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Salad-dressing presents the magnificent hair accessory: the BALONIYA green velvet scrunchie. 

This real hair jewel for women, both chic and elegant, is very trendy this Fall-winter just like in Spring-summer. For women who love fashion, this hairdressing accessory will enhance all your outfits.

The BALONIYA scrunchie is very easy to put on your hair and to wear. This scrunchie is suitable for all types of hair: short hair or long hair.

This darling can be worn on all occasions.

For a romantic and bohemian glamor look, you can wear a two-tone lace dress up to the knee or a mid-season high waist purple satin skirt accompanied by a tunic or a printed or beige blouse. You can match your outfit with pumps with heels which will exacerbate your femininity. 
For a discreet and casual look, wear slim jeans with a gold belt, a turquoise top and a corduroy jacket. You can also accessorize your looks with other women's fashion accessories such as hair bands, hair elastics and barrettes hair clips a brooch a turban a scarf or even earrings.

Here are some hairstyle ideas.
With the velvet scrunchies you can make ponytail updos.
For the "Working girl" style, tie your hair in a bun by putting your scrunchie you can at the same time put either a headband or a fancy headband or a knotted headband leaving a fringe or a wick or a few strands in front.
You can also tie your hair accessory for women on one braid or several braids.

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