Apricot pink satin scarf-scrunchie


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Salad-dressing presents its autumn-winter selection with the scrunchie-scarf for women in pink satin adorned with a gold ring APRICOT. This beautiful hair accessory for women is very trendy this year. 
With a durable elastic, the APRICOT scrunchie perfectly combs your hair and does not damage it. It is the essential hair accessory to make beautiful hairstyles.
The satin scarf scrunchie adorned with a gold ring is a magnificent fashion accessory in one size that will quickly replace your traditional elastics. We love these original fashion accessories that can quickly accessorize your look.
And as for the other Women's Fashion accessories on the site, our chain print scarf scrunchie comes with its unique signed pouch Salad-dressing.
Multi-use scrunchie wear it as you wish! Casual for an outing with friends and at the same time very bohemian, glamorous and romantic: this scrunchie will adapt to all your desires! What are the most suitable outfits to wear the scrunchie-scarf in satin adorned with a gold ring APRICOT? Which hairstyle is best suited to wear this original scrunchie? With the APRICOT scarf scrunchie you can create both a chic and casual look. For a dressy outfit this hair accessory can be worn with a black lace dress accompanied by a beaded choker or a silk scarf worn around the neck. For a casual outfit you can wear it with turquoise blue jeans and with a beige brown or floral cashmere sweater accompanied by a scarf a scarf-scarf a shawl or a large viscose scarf to stay comfortable. Here are some hairstyle ideas to wear your scarf scrunchie. You can tie your hair up in a low bun or high bun leaving a section in front or make a low or high ponytail if you have long and half-long hair. 
You can also make a pretty braid by tying your scrunchie-scarf adorned with a fancy white pearl. This satin scarf scrunchie which is very fashionable at the moment will allow you to have a classic must-have and classy style. With this beautiful hair jewelry you can achieve a simple hairstyle. Its elastic band maintains the hair well and does not damage it. The APRICOT scrunchie can also be worn as a bracelet: on your wrist. The originality of this darling is that you can remove the scarf. So the scarf can be tied on your handbag. Beautiful feminine and classy image. 
This magnificent hair accessory will quickly become an essential in your wardrobe. 
Hair accessories like the satin scrunchie are wonderful fancy gifts to give to brighten up loved ones or to treat yourself to!


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