Lot satin hair clips LIZIA Children's hair clips and clips salad-dressing

Lot satin hair clips LIZIA


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Here are the two magnificent strips for hair in the shape of a LIZIA bow tie.

All of this hair accessories sublimate the hairstyles and outfits of your pretty little girls.

This hair clip can be attached to release a strand or several flyaways of your princesses. They will love these hairdressing accessories

The beautiful LIZIA hair accessories are suitable for all hair lengths: long hair ou short hair.

This hair jewelry can be accessorized with other hair accessories like: a pet or several scrunchies to make a ponytail a rubber band or hair ties to make a chignon or a braid a hair clip or several gold or silver clips hair bands pins a fancy headband a crab clip or an alligator clip to make a chignon banana, multicolored mini-pliers or a tiara.

One size (FR infant regular)

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