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Large black crab claw flower and white pearls ANNABELLE

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Salad-dressing presents you with a great  crab claw black and adorned with white pearls in the shape of ANNABELLE flowers.

With crab claw women's hair and white pearls ANNABELLE you can very easily create a beautiful hairstyle both for everyday life and for a festive event.

La crab claw  black ANNABELLE is ideal for long hair pulled up in spikes or in a bun but can also be tied on medium-length hair.

Ce hair jewelry can accessorize and enhance your hairstyles for all occasions and with all styles.

With which look wear the crab claw?

Bohemian style

For a bohemian or romantic style you can leave a fringe in front or a few locks by putting the crab claw in a low bun.

With this look you can wear a pretty black or purple satin dress with other fashion accessories like a yellow gold or rose gold long necklace or with a pearl necklace.

Glamorous style

La crab claw with these little fancy pearls is a real jewel for women that can be used for a glamorous style: tied on a braid and accompanied by a lace blouse and a black skirt.

You can accessorize this look with gemstone earrings rhinestone or gold glitter bracelets.

Everyday style

For everyday use, you can attach these hairdressing accessories for women to your hair.

We imagine you in dark jeans with a white handmade sweater or you can accompany the black ANNABELLE clip with a diamond or pearly brooch or another costume jewel.

What hairstyle to achieve with the crab clip?

You can wear your crab claw on buns or half buns.

Complementary hair accessories

La crab claw  black ANNABELLE can be worn with other hair accessories such as:

  • a headband adorned with crystals of a cabochon or gold metal
  • one hair clip or several mother-of-pearl or bronze-colored barrettes
  • a headband with a Liberty ribbon or adorned with cultured pearls
  • hair pins in gold-plated silver metal or in the shape of a bow tie
  • a scrunchie elastic or scarf scrunchie

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