AMANDINE black headband

AMANDINE black headband


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 We are in the middle of winter and the first cold is already starting. Our boots and coats are back! We have already released our fashion accessories and hairdressing accessories for this winter.
 Salad-Dressing presents the new collection of hair accessories which is one of the latest trends of the moment: the Handmade Black Wool Women's Headband. This beautiful hair accessory replaces your cups. This kind of hair accessory is reminiscent of a turban. This winter, the magnificent hair accessory such as the hand-knitted black wool headband will be a must in our wardrobe to accessorize your look and also keep your head and ears warm. Fashionistas will love this hair band otherwise called "ear muff". It is the essential accessory for this winter.How to wear this magnificent hair accessory for women to sublimate your look and your hairstyles? What hairstyle to adopt with these head jewelry? The wool headband is suitable for all types and lengths of hair. Long hair or short blond or brown hair. With its warm material and soft elastics the wool headband keeps your ears and your head warm.Here are some hairstyles ideas: this head jewel can be worn with the hair down or you can keep your hair tied up in a bun or still in a ponytail with a golden barrette with an elastic or with a scrunchie or several scrunchies in velvet or fur. To have a romantic look you can take out a wick from your headband for women or leave a fringe in front. You can also hang on your headban a fancy brooch with sequins, crystals and rhinestones or a golden or bronze brooch.
All hair accessories at Salad-dressing : barrettes headbands elastic hair clips are delivered in a pretty handmade pouch.



Manufacturing - handmade 
Unique size 
Composition - organic cotton polyester wool 
Type - women hair band

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