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Bring a touch of cheerfulness to your toilet: complete your range of hair accessories with the Bandeau YOGA fantasy (in one size and 100% cotton).

Handmade this twisted hair band on the front will enhance your hairstyles and outfits.

Thanks to its elastic at the neck, this hair band for women will adapt to all sizes.

This hair band is perfect for long hair or short hair.

What hairstyles with the YOGA blue headband?

The hair down go perfectly well with this pretty YOGA headband by hiding rebellious strands or, on the contrary, leaving a strand in front of or even fringe.

What is the look best suited to wear the YOGA blue headband?

Le Bandeau blue YOGA can work with many styles: romantic bohemian discreet chic or glamorous and can be worn whatever the season: Fall-winter or Spring-summer.

This kind of women's hair bands can be accessorized with other hair or fashion accessories such as: satin or velvet scrunchies or hair elastics to tie your hair in a ponytail or bun a barrette with rhinestones or sequins earrings bracelets a scarf or a brooch.

All of this head jewelry can be worn on all occasions.

Easy to maintain this headband is machine washable however the temperature should not exceed 30 ° C so that the fabric is not damaged.

One size (FR regular)

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