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Crab claw - silver roses pattern SALMA

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Salad-Dressing presents the hair accessory: crab claw black in silver metal in one size with silver roses SALMA pattern.

With this hair jewelry (silver rose pattern) you can easily create a beautiful hairstyle for almost any occasion.

What hairstyles can you achieve with the SALMA silver rose-patterned crab clip?

La crab claw can be worn in a low bun or tied in a high half bun.

You can also use  crab claw SALMA to release one of your flyaways.

Whether you have long hair or short hair, hair accessories like SALMA will enhance your hairstyles and looks.

With which look wear the SALMA crab claw?

La crab claw can be combined with other hair and fashion accessories to enhance your look like for example: a satin or velvet scrunchie an elastic hair clips golden barrettes or with rhinestones headbands a liberty scarf or with peas a headband mini clips with crystals or sequins buckles earrings with a cabochon a necklace with white pearls bracelets or a fancy brooch in the shape of a bow tie.

Home Salad-Dressing accompanies all its hair accessories with a magnificent “Signature” gift bag.

One size (FR regular)

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