Square hair clips AMBRE pearls and rhinestones

Square hair clips AMBRE pearls and rhinestones


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Salad-Dressing presents a set of AMBRE golden square hair clips adorned with white pearls and rhinestones. AMBRE hair clips are very trendy and timeless hair accessories. AMBRE hair clips are real jewels to adorn your hair to enhance your hairstyles and your outfits. These small hair accessories can be combined with other fashion accessories like: a fancy brooch with crystals or sequins earrings for women.
What is the best look for wearing the AMBER pearl and rhinestone hair clips? What hairstyle can you achieve with this hair jewelry?
You can wear these pretty AMBRE pearl and rhinestone square hair clips with a light or floral dress for a low-key and relaxed minimalist look or a little black dress for a romantic and glamorous bohemian chic look. The AMBRE hair clip adapts to all occasions and allows you to create different looks depending on your hairstyle.
The AMBRE pearl and rhinestone hair clips are an excellent solution to achieve a feminine hairstyle in seconds. They can be used to maintain a strand, several strands or bangs for a sublime and refined style.This magnificent hair accessory can be accessorized with other hair jewelry such as: a barrette or barrettes in gold metal or silver metal a scrunchie in satin or velvet to make a bun or tie the hair in a ponytail with the pins of the peaks of the headbands of the crowns and women's hair bands. These women's hair jewelry like AMBRE clips can also be worn over a wig.

The dimensions of these AMBRE hairdressing accessories are 5 cm in length and 3 cm in width.







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