SANDRINE pearl and rhinestone tweed headband


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Here is a magnificent fashion accessory for the hair: the handmade white tweed headband with pearls and rhinestones SANDRINE. This hair accessory for women is very practical and is a must have in your wardrobe.
In one size, this SANDRINE hair accessory is suitable for all hair types and lengths: long hair or short hair. Do not hesitate to slip this magnificent hair accessory in your handbag.
Both discreet glamor and bohemian style, this hair accessory for women can be worn on all occasions. Whether for a romantic evening for the holidays for a wedding for a baptism for a fashion show or for a lunch with friends. 
The SANDRINE headband is very fashionable whatever the spring-summer or fall-winter season.
It is the ultimate hair jewel.How to style your hair to wear the SANDRINE headband? With what look to wear this hair accessory?
This magnificent head jewel can be worn with the hair down, leaving if you want bangs in the front. The SANDRINE headband can be worn with a ponytail or tied in a low bun adorned with a beautiful hair elastic with crystals or with a velvet or satin scrunchie.
 The SANDRINE headband can also be worn with a wig.
These hair accessories for women will sublimate your hair and remain at a low price very soft on salad-dressing. Dare the fantasy for your hairstyles with our selection of hair accessories: hair band headbands scarf hair clips barrettes and elastics. For an evening look we imagine you wearing a dress with black or white rhinestones to which you can attach a silver tie or a silver belt. 
For the evening hairstyle, leave your hair loose by putting the SANDRINE headband like a tiara, leaving a few strands in front if you want. You can also accessorize your dress with other fashion accessories such as a golden bracelet or a butterfly brooch. 
For the casual look, you can wear a small multicolored shirt with blue or black jeans or just a little purple dress.

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