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Here is a hair accessory that is very trendy at the moment: the red satin headband with multicolored sequins and rhinestones DOLCE VITTA. It is a beautiful accessory for women in one size that gives both a discreet romantic bohemian style and glamor. This accessory can also be used for a wedding hairstyle. This kind of headband is an essential accessory to keep in your wardrobe. 

DOLCE VITTA is suitable for all types of hair regardless of their length: whether you have long hair or short hair. The DOLCE VITTA headband can be worn on all occasions and in all seasons: whether in Spring-Summer or Autumn-Winter.

It is a hairdressing accessory for women that you can easily match with fashion accessories like handmade earrings, cashmere scarf or brooch with crystals or even scarf.

DOLCE VITTA will enhance your outfits and hairstyles. This head jewel can be combined with other hair accessories such as: an elastic or rubber bands to make a ponytail a fancy printed scrunchie or in velvet to tie your hair in a bun a golden bar in the shape of a butterfly to adorn your braid or with colorful clips. Thanks to this head jewel you will be able to release your hair back or on the contrary leave a wick in front or several wicks at the same time.

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